I have transformed my passion into my profession

For all of my life, I have been attracted to the world of translation. My graduation thesis had already been chosen, at the time, in this vein: it was, in fact, about the translation from High Old German, and the metric analysis, of a passage from the Evangelienbuch by Otfried von Weissenburg.

Over the course of time, I sustained and nurtured this passion and, for more than twenty years, I have worked as a freelance professional specializing in legal, commercial and marketing texts.

I collaborate with Law Firms and Notaries, and I provide also sworn and certified translations of official documents to be submitted to public authorities. I am often appointed by the Court as a technical consultant to the judge, during the course of proceedings that might require the intervention of a translator/interpreter.

In 2005, I entered the field of publishing, committing myself to researching and promoting authors of the Dominican Republic — and within a short time, two novels, four short stories, an anthology, and two poems were published that had been translated by me.

To know more about my linguistic activity carried out up through today for the diffusion of Dominican literature in Italy, please visit the page of the 2005 City of Viareggio Literary Competition, as well as the page Introduction to the Books for Chat and Arriverò in capo al mondo.

My native langue is Italian, and I work with French, Spanish, German and English.